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Cyber Security Tips and Network Security Tips for Small Businesses


Use a commercial grade firewall

First, you'll want to make sure you have an enterprise-class router / firewall for your network. Nor am I talking about something from Best Buy or Future Shop. You want a commercial quality commercial router that has built in complex systems to defend against cyber-attacks and hackers.

 Network Security Tips for Small Businesses
Cyber Security

Secure user passwords

Another security problem that is often overlooked is the user's password. Yes, I know, people do not like to change their passwords often and they like their password to be their dog's ship. Not good enough, I'm scared. Think of a company that has your confidential data on their systems. Insurance? Banks? Your accountant? How would you feel if you knew that the staff had weak passwords that rarely changed?

Your IT administrators should have no problem implementing a mandatory password change of 2-3 months. In addition, they can impose a certain level of complex passwords that include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols. This can be set once at your central server and your staff will be reminded regularly.

Yes, it's painful, but not as painful as a security breach in your network, trust me.

Use the permissions correctly

Your server has the ability to set permissions on specific folders or files. Use this function to protect your confidential data. I'm not talking about building a virtual Fort Knox, but with minimum configuration security permissions so that only those who need access to something have it.

If this means that everyone in your office needs access to everything, fine, at least make sure that no one else outside your office does. You can set up a group and dump all your staff into it, and then configure permissions on folders that contain your files so that only members of your staff group have access. This will prevent access by anyone who can access your network that is not in that group.

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