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chat on a Web Browser | Download Norton Internet Security


Browse safely with the download of Norton Setup

Are you safe while doing transactions over the internet? Have you heard about ransomware and worms? Yes, they are more dangerous than usual bites of snakes and bees. A single bite can empty you with your bank accounts. You need to be safe and careful while using your home or office internet. An attack of virus or Trojan can hack your date or any confidential information.
Go wherever you want, browse whatever you want to do on any device with the protection of Norton com Internet Security. Download Norton Setup and get secured from all the following attacks:
  • It protects you against attacks, ransomware, and more.
  • Protects your confidential details when you purchase or bank online.
  • Products available on Norton com protects your privacy and personal information on social media.
  • It helps you browse safe and secure websites.
  • Its regular scan helps you protecting your PC or other smart devices.
  • Norton setup on a browser keeps your children safe online and beyond.

Setup of Norton com security scan:

  •  Download Norton setup and let’s do it step by step
  • First of all; sign in to your account.
  • Create a Norton account.
  • And sign in to it if you have not created one.
  • Norton Setup” Window appears and you need to click on “Enter a New Product Key”.
  • Type the product key and then click on it.
If you purchased the CD of a product from online or a local retail store, you will find the product key inside the box

The product key is the combination of alphabetic and numeric characters. Special characters are not included

You are informed that subscription begins when you enter the key or confirmation of email

  • To choose the option of auto-renewal, click on “Get Started” or Click “skip” and proceed to point 9.
  • Read all the Automatic Renewal Terms & Conditions and then click on “Agree and Continue”.
  • To continue with the installation of Norton Internet Security setup, enter your credit card information and proceed with “Next”.
  • Fill up your billing address and click “Enroll in Automatic Renewal”.
  • An enrollment confirmation screen appears you need to click “Continue to download”.
  • Now click Agree & Download.
  • Now follow the instructions displayed to execute the file to make a fine setup on a browser.

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