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chat | Norton Subscription in Your Account | Norton Subscription - Find your Norton subscription in your account

Discover the Norton membership accounts: Norton assist a lot of users protect their device & protects to them from the numerous threats of the digital world-wide. It is available for each personal use & commercial purposes. All you need to do is visit the Norton website, see its various services and buy the one that fits your needs. It is really easy to buy a Norton product. But at some point a user may face a problem after buying the Norton product.

After buying your Norton product and log in to your account. In your Account, you cannot see the Norton Product you purchased. Then, there is a possibility that you have logged in to a different Norton account. Log in to the account associated with your recent purchase.

Find the Norton subscription account

Bought in Norton's online store

If you are forget your current Norton accounts password, you could recover it following these steps.

• Go to the Norton Account Forget Your Password page.
• Enter the email address you think you used to buy the Norton Product.
• At your email address, you must have received a password recovery link.
• Click on this link and reset your password and create a new password.
• Now log in to your Norton Account and go to Subscription.
• Here you can find your product and Purchase Norton subscription.

Add Norton product to the account using the product key

You can add your purchased product to your account using the Product key. And then you can also download and install Norton Product on your device.

• Log in to your Norton account in a web browser.
• Enter your login credentials as the email address & password.
• Right now click Norton Setup in your Norton Accounts.
• Click on Enter a product key. Enter your alphanumeric product key and press the Send button.
• Finally, to download the Product, click on Accept & Download.

Add Norton that came pre-installed on the device

• Open your Norton software that comes pre-installed.
• Click Help and then go to the Account.
• Follow the additional instructions to log in to your existing account.

After providing your Norton account information, your product will be added to your existing Norton account.

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