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Message: An update error occurred on Mac | Download


Message: An update error occurred on Mac | Download

There was a Mac message update error: When the Norton server encounters a problem with Live Update, the user receives the error message: An update error occurred on Mac. The error usually solves on its own within 24 hours. And then you can run the update live again. If the problem persists even after 24 hours then you can manually correct the error. All you need to do is download or install the virus definitions and then run Live Update on your Norton product.

Update Of Messages Error Occurred Mac

Step 1: Update Definitions Of Virus

Follow these steps to download & install the virus definition of your device.

1. Open your web browser when downloading virus definitions
2.  A MacNIS6. Pkg. zip file will begin downloading to the device.
3. You can access this file from your download folder.
4.   As you can see, this is a zip file. You have to extract the files or then install the installation file.
5.  Simply go to the download folder of your Mac device.
6.  Double-click on the file that you downloaded.
7. Once the installer starts, follow the instructions on the screen to install the virus definition on the device.
8.  You will be asked to accept the term & conditions of the Software to install it completely.
9.  Now you have installed the latest version of the virus definitions. The next step is to run Norton Live Update on the device to eliminate the error message: An update error has occurred.


·         On your Mac device, click Go on the Apple menu bar.
·         Then choose the applications in the following screen.
·         Here in the app, double-click Norton Security to start the Norton application.
·         You will be redirected to the Norton app window.
·         On the Norton Application home page, click Live Update.
·         Run Live Update until there are no more updates available for the Norton product.
·         Check if the error message: An update error has occurred still occurs on your Mac device.


Depending on your location, you may receive the error message in a different way. These are some examples of the error that the user gets or can be solved by following the same steps.

1.       Norton Mac update error
2.       Norton Live update failed
3.       Norton live update failed Mac
4.       Norton Live Update could not complete 2017
5.       Live update error for Symantec Mac

Mac update error

Even after following the steps above, you will still receive the message: An update error occurred on Mac, then you need a Support from a trained technician. Call our toll-free number for assistance with Norton-related problems regarding any device. Do not risk the security of your respective device & call now.

You can visit our website for Norton Setup or Norton Antivirus Setup at | Norton Helpdesk - 1-888-891-7972.

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