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How To Solve Norton's Online Vault Login Problems?


Solve ongoing Norton online vault login issues: Norton Identity Safe is a free service to store your password and your credit card administrator. Store stores and access your personal data safely. To access all these functions, you only need to remember the username and password.

Arrange Norton's Online Online Vault Enter Norton.Com/Setup.

Online access issues to Norton's online vault

Due to a network error, a user can face the continuous login problems of Norton's online vault that denies access to the Identity Safe online vault in Norton. Weak Internet connection or other network problems can cause this error. The inability of the network to exit hibernation is also a reason for this error.

Before starting the steps to correct the error, we recommend that you visit the Norton Update Center. Update your software to obtain a better result. Otherwise, the error may still persist.

Method 1: Close the session and then log in to your Norton account


• Start the Norton application.
• Go to the configuration.
• Click on Detailed Settings and then on Identity Security.
• Click Configure to verify your identity in the application.
• Click on the button for the email address and choose to log in as a different user.
• Restart your device.

Check in

• Start the Norton application.
• Go to the configuration.
• Click on Detailed Settings and then on Identity Security.
• Press the configuration button on your screen.
• Choose to log in or create an account.
• Enter your email address and password.
• Now sign in to your account.
• In the Vault Closed window, enter your safe password and Open.
• If you still face the error, try the following method.

Method 2: Go To Your Norton Edge Access

• Go to the Norton Identity Safe website.
• Click on the Start session button.
• Enter your email address associated with your Norton Vault account.
• Enter your password associated with your Norton Vault account.
• Press the Enter button and you will be redirected to your account.
• In the Open your vault tab, enter your password again.
• Finally, click Open vault.

Note: in case you forget your Vault password, you can remember your password using the password hint. If you still can not recover your password, create a new vault. Symantec does not store your password, you only know it.

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