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How to deactivate Norton's auto-renewal service?


How to deactivate Norton's auto-renewal service?

Disable the Norton auto-renewal service: Norton provides a service that allows the user to renew their subscription when it is available, without doing so manually. This service is called Norton Auto-renewal Service. With Norton Auto-renewal Service, you can easily update your Norton product and protect your device and your data from threats.

Turn off the Norton auto-refresh service

But sometimes the user does not want their products to be renewed at any time. The reason could be to avoid unnecessary billing service when the product is not in use. Or the other reason could be that the user wishes to have control over this process. Therefore, you can disable automatic renewal whenever you want.

Turn off the Norton auto-refresh service
Follow these steps to easily disable the Automatic Renewal Service.

• Go to your web browser on your device.
• Look for Norton and visit the official Norton website.
• Log in to your Norton account using the email address and password.
• Click on the Subscription. Here you can see your Norton products with details.
• To deactivate the Automatic Renewal Service, move the slider to the OFF position.
• The confirmation box will appear, click on Deactivate.
• Your Norton Automatic Renewal Service is now disabled.

Now, you must manually visit the Norton product to update it in the future. If at any time during your subscription to Norton you wish to activate Norton's automatic renewal service, follow the same steps as mentioned above and move the slider to Activate.

Several reasons to deactivate Norton Auto-Renewal Service?

There can be many reasons why a user wants to disable Norton's automatic renewal service. Some common reasons are listed below.

• You do not want unnecessary or unsolicited invoices for your Norton product.
• To keep control of your Norton product only by allowing important updates.
• You no longer use Norton Services, so you want to discontinue the updates.
• You are changing the Norton software from one device to another.

Contact our customer service for assistance

In case you have a problem with your Norton product or any of the steps mentioned above are causing a problem, call us. Our customer service team will guide you and help you solve the problem without problems. Our services are 24 * 7 available for our clients. Call us now to our toll-free number and protect your data and devices with Norton more efficiently.

You can visit our website for Norton Setup or Norton Antivirus Setup at | Norton Helpdesk - 1-888-891-7972.

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