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Norton Setup Helpdesk + 1-888-891-7972 Debunks Common Myths


We all rely heavily on our computers and other mobile devices and make it a priority to keep them safe and well cared for. Unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect information about computer security and the Internet making rounds. Our Norton Setup team brings you here the four most common conceptual errors in this field.

Only Windows operating systems get viruses

Although it is not true, we can guess how this erroneous information originated. Windows systems have been the most used systems in the market, that also for a long time. Then the attackers spent more time focusing on how to attack these systems because this is where the crowd was. Now Apple has gained popularity on both the personal and corporate front, enough to attract the attention of attackers. Mobile malware is also growing in importance, both for Android and iOS devices. In other words, a complete solution like Norton antivirus (360) is the need of the time for users who have devices based on any of these technologies.

The low performance of the computer means that it is infected by viruses

Actually, it can and can not denote that the system is infected by viruses. A system that has too many processes in the background can also work slowly. So users must optimize their systems from time to time, remove programs that are not in use, clean Internet browsers, update the programs that are in use, defragment the hard drive for PC users and the features of the Utility. Disks for Mac users. Mobile users must remove all applications that are not in use. Our Norton antivirus & security support live chat team also thinks that you restrict the updates to extend the battery life of your mobile device (certainly not the most important ones). The same applies to geolocation services and push notifications, if not required.

The free antivirus that you download from the Internet is sufficient

Yes, these free programs offer some basic protection. But phishing attacks, where hackers steal financial or personal data to steal money or carry out crimes with a stolen identity, have become very common. To avoid this, you not only need to navigate with caution, but you also need a powerful antivirus to eliminate the risk of social engineering attacks. The regular Norton antivirus update (or the update of any good antivirus brand you use) is the most vital need of the hour.

Antivirus companies are responsible for writing viruses

This strange theory of conspiracy may be due to the fact that there are cybersecurity companies that sometimes create viruses to prove how strong are the protective characteristics of their own products. As for malware that is designed to damage computers and deprives them of their data, it is the stealthy and intelligent cybercriminals who always investigate vulnerabilities in their antivirus software, operating system or other programs in use. Get help from Norton customer services (Support) to install your Norton antivirus, resolve any errors with it and any support you need to update it.

There have been more misconceptions, even saying that people can get infected with computer viruses. To protect your devices from malware attacks and hackers, it is not only important to update your antivirus, but also your own knowledge of safe Internet and computer practices. Virus infection is a threat that not only affects us but once we become infected, the people of our contacts endanger the list or the use of the same network. This is because the malware expands through the devices. Ask Norton tech support USA for any antivirus-related help whenever you need it. And remember, in this modern digital age, smart is safe. Call toll-free - + 1-888-891-7972 for Support

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