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In the growing world of current technology, cybercrime has increased with a fairly rapid speed, as more and more virus threats attack the Internet every day. If it is not solved, these harmful threats can not only affect the functionality of your computer. This can also lead to financial loss and identity theft. Although you can follow some of the simple steps to ensure the safety of your computer device. Read the following tutorial to find out what you can do to protect your device from any threat. In addition, you can also consult our Norton Antivirus support team for help and guidance from experts.

Install security software

When you connect to the Internet, your computer becomes susceptible due to many threats. While a new computer seems taken out of the box. To secure your computer device, you must install the Internet security software package, such as Norton Security. An updated security program on the Internet will protect your computer from viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats.

Software updates

Sometimes, a computer can sit for a while before being sold. At some point, there is a good option for the software installed on the computer to have been automatically updated by the manufacturer to protect it against known software vulnerabilities. However, that new computer has never been turned on until it reaches your hands and you have not had the opportunity to upgrade.

Remove unnecessary software

Many new computers come with a lot of software or "add-ons". Each program on your computer is essentially a weakness because it may contain software vulnerabilities. The more programs you have on your computer, the more vulnerable you will be. Check your applications on your computer and delete those you know you will not use.

The tips mentioned above can ensure the safety of your computer and can improve the security of your computing device. For any other questions and support, contact Norton Security Customer Service by calling 1-888-891-7972. The toll-free number is offered as a means of communication to Norton customers so they can easily connect with the experts of our customer service. For Support Call toll-free Number + 1-888-891-7972 

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